Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Win extra with Unibet Casino jackpot

The Mega Fortune jackpot has reach a staggering €5 million and started players chasing this mega-win. As this is a jackpot available over multiple casinos using the same platform, you can play for this game in multiple places.

However, Unibet Casino stands out through a special promotion: if the Mega Fortune jackpot is won by a Unibet player (playing in the Unibet Casino), Unibet is ready to boost the win to all casino players by 10% of the Mega Fortune value. This means that if a player wins the mega-jackpot at Unibet Casino, all other players will not be left outside, but get a share from the extra prize equal with 10% from the final jackpot value. This is over €500,000 to be shared among a handful of users that have played at least €50 at Mega Fortune at Unibet Casino.

As a new player you can also take advantage of a special bonus when you register using our promotion code for Unibet Casino.

Good luck!

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