Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kick off the Bundesliga and Serie A

Bundesliga in Germany and Serie A in Italy are two of the most passionately followed and wagered upon football leagues in Europe. In just days these leagues are set to kick off, with the Vecchia Signora of Juventus trying to defend her 28th title in the Serie A, while Borussia Dortmund will have to show lots of "Echte Liebe" to retain their Bundesliga title.

With transfers such as Montolivo joining Fiorentina, Motta joining Juventus and Boateng switching to Bayern Munich from EPL champions Man City, not to mention old grudges teams have for each other, these two leagues are certain to provide excitement more than enough. Join Betsson or Betsafe and star wager on these leagues along with other European leagues available. Register using Betsson voucher code or Betsafe bonus code to get the maximum bonuses available on each brand.

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